When you think about a bathroom remodel or any remodeling projects in your Canberra home, the first thing that would cross your mind is the cost. It would not have been a problem if you have the skills and experience but if you are an amateur in the field, you don’t want to tackle any bathroom renovations. The mistakes you make might be expensive to repair and might hurt your budget even more. That is why it is still important that you hire the top bathroom renovators Canberra has to offer.
Although bathroom renovations typically involve money, it shouldn’t break your bank. There are ways to ensure that your bathroom renovation will stay within your projected budget. Take a look at these helpful tips below before you start looking for expert bathroom renovators Canberra has today.
  • Look for Cheap Substitutes. Using expensive items doesn’t necessarily mean your bathroom will look elegant. It still depends on your creativity and ingenuity on how you use those products. Instead of opting for real stone or wood flooring, you can opt for luxury vinyl flooring at a fraction of a cost. Thanks to innovation, modern vinyl looks even better than the old-school styles. Some can even look like real wood or real stone at first glance.
  • Consider Upgrading the Lights. This is something that you can do on your own. You can replace the existing light fittings with three prong chandelier for an English country home feel or lamps and sconces for a more modern look.
  • Paint. Nothing works wonders at a very cheap cost than paint. You don’t have to spend too much to make your bathroom look new and fresh. Just apply a few coats of paint with muscle power and you are good to go. You have to make sure that the windows, sink, mirror, wall corners and anything else you don’t want painted on is covered thoroughly.
  • Use Secondhand Pieces. If you want to save money on a bathroom remodel, look at sites like Craigslist, eBay or yard sales to score home items at a cheaper cost. You just have to inspect that they are still working perfectly and have no broken corners. If you want a new bathtub but can’t afford a new one, you can opt for used tubs that are still in good condition.
  • Keep Your Plumbing in Place. You don’t have to move your plumbing system when you remodel. Unless of course if you have a lot of money to spare. But if you are on a budget, keep the plumbing in its place and focus more on updating the look of your sink and countertop. However, if you really want to move your sink to another corner, make sure to contact expert bathroom renovators Canberra wide to ensure that the plumbing system underneath is correctly repositioned.
  • Don’t forget to Ventilate. Moisture is present in every bathroom and if you don’t take care of ventilation, mould, and mildew will quickly make their way in your walls. That is why installing a vent fan with the appropriate CMF per square foot is recommended.
If you really think that your bathroom needs a professional touch, you can count on Canberra bathroom renovators to do the work for you. Never attempt to do any DIY if you are not confident in your skills. It’s better to be honest and talk to bathroom renovators in Canberra. These professionals are skilled in renovating bathrooms and knows how to work around your budget. You can also ask recommendations from friends and family members for the best bathroom renovators Canberra has today. Or visit http://www.bathroomcompany.com.au/bathroom-renovators-canberra.php for additional info.