Buying a Solar Water Heater: Is It Worth It?

Australia is considered as one of the solar-friendly countries—all thanks to the generous amount of sunshine available and the citizens’ patronage for solar panels in their homes. However, with other solar machines such as a solar water heater Darwin stores sell, some buyers can’t help but feel skeptic. Is a solar water heater a worthy purchase for domestic use?

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Where to start?

As a homeowner, it’s not only necessary but also important to spend time on understanding how a machine works before buying one. Sure, it doesn’t take a day or an hour for others to intuitively learn how a solar water heater works after buying it. However, it’s obviously different from an average heater in terms of design and most probably performance—so, it’s a wise move to take some time to research on your own before buying one. You may:

-Ask around for a reputable HVAC mechanic who works in a company that’s well known for exceeding environmentally-friendly standards in their solar water heater products.

-Read forum discussions from customers who bought a Darwin solar water heater.

-If you have the time, take some trips and enquire from appliance stores.

-On the other hand, if your hands are full, a simple search for “solar water heater Darwin” in Google can already provide you leading links to viable websites of companies that sell a solar water heater in Darwin.

-Enlist all of your needs for a water heater in your home, and google for a solar water heater Darwin wide which specifications match 75-80% of those needs you enlisted. Next, compare both positive and negative reviews of that model you found.

Benefits of Buying a Solar Water Heater

The most common issue about a solar water heater is the pricing. A solar water heater could be priced at $3000-$7000. Although you can buy solar water heaters at much lower factory-based prices in some stores, you should always purchase from a manufacturer-approved dealer or reseller. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Besides, the following benefits you’ll get will surely make every cent worthwhile:

Saving budget for electricity bills. Cutting costs is a common feature of green-friendly appliances. However, a solar water heater takes an extra step in conserving energy by saving at least half of your average electricity bill. And considering how sunny the most parts of Australia are, it’s quite possible that you could save up to almost 90%!

Helps in reducing pollution. A carbon footprint is common with most appliances, but a solar water heater helps reduce CO2 emissions by at least a 50%.

Preserves non-renewable fuel. Using only sunlight as energy means you’re also saving non-renewable resources like fossil fuel,

Watch out!

If you decide to buy a solar water heater Darwin stores sell, here are some care tips to make it last longer:

-Remember to use it with a presence of mind. Although it’s an energy-saving tool, it’s still a machine that needs proper care and maintenance.

-Perform maintenance checks every after 2-3 years for any leakage or loosened wire connections.

-Consider repainting it after a year or two—this prevents erosion and corrosion.

-Always issue a repair under the warranty if there’s breakage.

-Prevent corrosion from developing as it will eventually damage the system flow and the performance of the heater. Always let it dry after using it.

If you are aiming to find solar water heater Darwin shops sell, you may try contacting the likes of

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