If you have got some steep and erosion-prone slope on your gardens that needs some retaining in order to control the erosion of soil in your gardens, then gabion retaining walls Sydney has are a brilliant solution that you can incorporate for excellent performance. Gabion retaining walls do not just deliver on their functional role of controlling erosion, they also look incredibly good and can be installed fairly quickly. They can be low or go up as you wish while retaining an incredible strength that will stop any high-pressure water flow.

Gabion retaining walls Sydney has today have been around for the past 50 years but they have been on the periphery when it comes to erosion control solutions in Australia. It is only in the past few years that they have seen a kind of resurgence with many Australians now opting to install them on their premises.

Information on Sydney Gabion Retaining Walls

Gabion retaining walls simply refer to a retaining wall that has been built from a wire basket, typically called the gabion baskets. These baskets are then filled with stones, creating a strong, flexible and beautiful erosion control mechanism that never fails. They have been very popular thanks to their versatility and flexibility.  You can shape the gabion retaining walls Sydney has to any shape that you desire including straight and curved shapes. You can also build them to very impressive heights.

When filling in the gabion baskets for the gabion retaining walls Sydney has, you can use any size of stone but it is easier and more efficient to use smaller stones in order to fill in the baskets. In order to get a desirable look, you generally have to place the larger stones one after the other but the smaller stones can simply be poured into the gabion baskets in order to form the retaining walls. Using larger stones is generally a time-consuming and costly process. See more here Gravity Wall Systems

There is nothing technical or complex about building the gabion retaining walls but if you want the best gabion retaining walls Sydney has, it is generally advisable to hire professionals and also purchase premium quality baskets that will stand the test of time. During the construction process, you can begin with reinforced concrete footings which are level on which you are going to construct the walls. You can subsequently create the wire baskets on these with the steel reinforcements along with the stones. This will ensure that these provide adequate support for the soil and that they don’t begin curving outwards as a result of the water pressure.

Cost of Gabion Retaining Walls Sydney Has to Offer

Whether you are planning to build or buy gabion retaining walls, the cost will depend on a number of factors such as the size of the retaining wall that you plan to construct, the stones that you will be using as well as the complexity of the retaining walls.

The wall is going to be cheaper if you will be using waste stones to construct it. Also, if you will be using smaller stones in building the wall, the cost is going to come down. If you are constructing a curved wall, then it is likely going to cost you more. The job is also very labour intensive so the cost of labour is likely going to add up to the high cost of construction. Click here for more information, http://www.gravitywallsystems.com/gabion-retaining-walls-gold-coast-sydney-brisbane-newcastle/