The Melbourne storage facilities are available for both personal and business use. The trend of using storage facilities began in the 1960s when the demand for extra storage space started increasing. In 2014, the 1100 storage facilities in Australia covered 39 million square feet and they are still growing which only shows the high demand and occupancy rate of storage facilities. The suburbs of Melbourne too have many such storage spaces like the Altona storage facilities.

Thinking of moving to some other place

The Altona storage units, as well as other storage facilities in Melbourne and its suburbs, can be used for personal storage. In case, you are planning to change your location, then you need to pack and move all your valuables and belongings to the new location. But it is generally seen that shifting to a new place involves a long process of official paperwork and other legal details which consume a lot of time. It is not possible to deal with furniture and other belongings at such a time. The personal storage Melbourne companies offer can be used to store furniture and other important stuff temporarily till you are settled into your new house comfortably. The storage units come in the form of rooms, lockers, containers and outdoor spaces. The secure storage facilities keep all your belongings safe and in perfect condition so that you can rest be assured. Read more at Public Self Storage

Extra storage space for businesses

The Altona storage facilities available for commercial use are huge spaces which companies can rent on a monthly basis for storing inventory or archived records. Tight security is provided in the form of alarm systems for individual units, cctv coverage, controlled access to the units through the use of various identification devices like passcoded keypads, biometric thumbprint and hand scanners. All kinds of unit sizes are available ranging from small units to big warehouses. The rent range is from 30$ to 650$ depending on the size and type of storage unit chosen. The storage units offer twenty-four-hour access so that you can visit them anytime. The units are climate controlled to keep the goods clean and dry.

Another benefit of using commercial storage spaces is that the storage facilities are conveniently located near airports, highways, docklands and freeways to allow the businesses to transport and deliver their inventories easily and quickly. Instead of buying a new property, the company can rent a storage space for any length of time and of any size imaginable at very affordable prices.

Looking for a storage space which is available on rent

The self storage solutions that Melbourne and its suburbs offer can be easily checked and booked online by visiting websites like The storage companies can be asked to provide packing materials like sturdy cartons, tape, markers, bubble wraps and labels to make your packing and moving hassle-free. The businesses can make use of the forklifts, trucks and lifts available in the storage facilities to transport their inventories and other important documents to the storage unit as nowadays, the storage facilities are located in multi-storeyed buildings.


The paucity of both residential and commercial spaces in the urban areas has led to the rise in the demand for such storage units. So opt for self-storage whenever you need extra space for a limited time period and store all that is important to you in a safe and secure manner.